Mango Parfait & Food Pics


There are very few things that beat the sweetness of a ripe mango. When I was little and globalisation wasn’t yet a thing, we only got local fruit and veg in my region. I am from the north of Spain, so that means a really good assortment of citrus, berries, melons and watermelons, and pretty much anything that grows in my sunny land.

However things like mangoes, passion fruits and avocados where completely unknown, we didn’t even know how they looked like!


My dad on the other hand had to travel to exotic destinations for work and he brought some of those things for us to try when I was about 6 or 7. I remember that the first time I tried a Mango, I thought it tasted like “pine tree”. I was very creative describing flavours but i didn’t have any other reference. Let’s just say I wasn’t a big fan at the time. Nowadays it’s one of my favourite fruits and I get very protective of a good ripe mango I have been keeping for a special moment.

These pictures are 3 different settings with 3 different light situations for the same parfait. The breakfast is made of a layer of home made granola, greek yogurt, raspberry coulis and Mango.

To make the raspberry coulis you have to boil 1 cup of frozen raspberries with 1/2 cup of water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon and some sweetener, I used sucralose in this case. Let simmer for 10 minutes and then use a ricer to remove the seeds. You can keep it in the fridge for up to 10 days and use as sauce for cheese, yogurts, cakes etc.

Lots of protein in this recipe, good sugars (very good pre or post workout) and fibre from the granola and the fruit.

About the photography, I just wanted to show you how much can a setting and the light change the look of a dish! Which one is your favourite??


Coconut Raspberry bowl


Travelling means I am away from my kitchen so I haven’t been able to cook much at all, however before I left I made this very special cocobowl and I kept it for a rainy day.

Coconuts are an excellent for many reasons, everything about them is usable, you can eat the flesh and it’s filling and delicious, you can drink the water, full of electrolytes, use the oil to cook or in your skin or hair for hydration of nutrition and when there is nothing else to eat, you can use the shells to makes bowls or bikini tops (lol).

As a final giveaway, the coconut provides us with coconut flour which is absolutely fabulous to substitute regular flour with way more fibre than the regular wheat one and very low in carbs.

I (place big heart here) coconuts.

Peace & Love!

Citrus & Berry Panna Cotta

PannaCotta2 So I would have not post this recipe here yet, simply because I wanted to wait until xmas is closer before starting to post compromise alternative desserts for those healthy conscious dieters that want to keep it under control in those dates, but last night I had some people over for dinner and they have asked me to share the recipe with them.

I thought that I might as well share it with everybody and send them the link ūüėČ

This is a traditional Panna Cotta, for which I took the recipe from BBC Food but I added a couple of modifications to make it a bit more interesting.


This is dead easy, and very quick to organize, and I promise you it’s delicious! It is vegetarian, gluten free, low carb but quite high in fat, so if you are in a restricted saturated fat diet, you might need to substitute the cream for a veg alternative, like Soya cream.


3 leaves of unflavored gelatin

250 ml of cream

250 ml of milk

Splenda powder to taste

1 orange peel

1 Madagascar Vanilla pod

150 gr of raspberries

1/2 lemon juice



Mix the milk and the cream in a pot and heat up to medium heat. Add the vanilla pod and the orange peel. Bring to a simmer and take of the heat. Take out the vanilla pod and with a knife, make a cut alongside and scrap out the black vanilla seeds and add them to the mixture then throw away the pod.


Add Splenda powder, one tablespoon at the time and taste to your desired level of sweetness, at this time you should also be able to notice the vanilla and orange aromas.naranja

Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water until they are soft, and then remove the excess water and add the to the hot mixture, stir until they dissolve and then pour into the chosen serving containers.

Let them cool down and then put in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

While you wait,¬†put 150 ml of water (roughly 1/3 of a glass) and add the raspberries and the lemon juice and bring to a boil, add Splenda or agave nectar and let reduce, tasting every now and then. The idea here is that you end up with a runny sauce that is sweet and retains the fruit’s natural acidity. Once it’s finished, keep in a pot until you are ready to serve the pannacottas and add on top before serving.

Serving suggestion: transparent little werk pots look really cute, you can get creative and use any small transparent pots you have at home for a more contemporary look!