Bio: Sports Nutritionist in training, fitness lover, body builder & runner. Do you want to improve your diet? Do you have questions about food? Would you like a lighter version of your favourite dish? Please do get in touch!

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  1. HI, Marylin! Thanks for stopping my my blog and liking my post on fitness funnies. I enjoy doing them. I also enjoyed my visit to your little corner of the blogosphere. I agree with your goals and certainly admire your cookery and photography. I envy you your youth. You have decades to go writing and cooking well. I just started doing health writing in my 70’s. It is great fun and very gratifying to know that some people have been helped by my posts. Keep up the good work!


    • Well you have experience in exchange for youth and every stage of life is to be cherished. Thank you so much for your nice words and you too, keep up the good work. It is easy to be passionate and active when one is young, but to start something like that at the age of 70 is just wow, great drive and curiosity.
      I hope I am like you when I get to your age.

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