Smoothie Inspiration


I am in the middle of a move and in my very personal box and bureaucracy hell, I have no time for cooking pots. It sucks and I hope I will get some time to get back in the kitchen soon but in the meantime, I am sharing with you a picture of some of my creations for instagram. I rarely share them here because then can hardly be called recipes, but I love the challenge of making gorgeous smoothies and colourful parfaits that are both healthy and beautiful. Knowing how many people don’t like fruit and veggies, I am on a mission to make them look irresistible.

These is greek yogurt plain, with blueberries and with more blueberries to achieve the different colours.

So wish me luck, and I will be with you shortly!


12 thoughts on “Smoothie Inspiration

    • But of course!! You have come to the right place!
      First of all, for a closer to result to a regular sponge you can swap your flour for wholemeal wheat flour (100% wholegrain this is) if you want to push it further and get a bit of extra fibre there, use 75% whole wheat 25% whole rye flour. That will make your sponge higher in fibre and therefore reduce the blood sugar levels. For the fat, usually recipes can do with 20% less butter than it says on the recipe, or you can use 1/2 of the indicated amount of butter and the rest, use sunflower oil, or 100% sunflower oil. Sunflower oil has no cholesterol as opposed to butter, but it is just as heavy on the calorie side, this depends on your personal needs. I am a vegetarian so a bit of butter doesn’t concern me, but if your diet is high in animal fats, you may want to consider that swap.
      Finally and most important, the sugar! I dont use any, there are several options here, depending on how natural you want to go and the recipe, my recommendation for a sponge is to substitute with xylitol, or birch sugar. It is ideal for baking because it is granulated and behaves like sugar at high temperatures so you will need to swap the regular sugar for 80% of the same amount of xylitol since it is sweeter. The added benefit is that diabetics will be able to eat it and it is good for your teeth.
      I hope this helps and your sponge tastes amaaazing!

      PS. Bear in mind that this mixture will have a higher humidity level compared to a normal cake so it will probably need a bit more time in the oven, check it before taking it out, but usually about 10 minutes longer.


      • Wow, that’s fantastic. Thank you so much for all of that great info.
        I’ve started opening up my blog to be taken over by great bloggies like yourself. World you like to do something for alternative Christmas treats or something?

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      • Ohh thanks for the invitation to collaborate. I will give it some thought… but what about, healthier sides to your xmas dinner?? Because quite frankly… I don’t know how could I possibly make a mince pie healthy haha but if you have any ideas or favourite xmas dishes you would like to see converted let me know and I will give it some thought… wohoo!


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