Sunday Blues

Just wanted to share a picture with you, this is a blue smoothie, tinted with blue matcha and made of vanilla protein, frozen banana, blueberries and dragon fruit.

There is something about blue food… we are love a bit of quirky! Happy end of the week.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Blues

    • Me neither, recent discovery. Actually is not tea, is a blue flower that is used traditionally in Asia as food dye. It is called Blue Clitoris (LOL) it adds no flavour, but that pretty blue color and it is totally natural 🙂 Thanks for popping by, long time no see.

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      • HAHAHAHAHA It was always going to happen! sorry about that… It did cross my mind that the name is well… a bit particular!!! Lovely flower though (if you got there in the end! ) XD


    • Well me neither, I think that is why I like it haha, I wouldnt eat it every day but it is blue because of a blue flower extract, so I dont feel like I am using any nasty chemistry. Blueberries are one of my favourites but their color is much darker, like a purple 🙂

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