Broccoli a true Superfood

Broccoli has been recently in fashion categorized by some as a superfood. These modern concepts, the result of a marketing effort towards certain commercial interests are usually based on some really interesting factual information.

This is my come back week after some though times and a very long post xmas recovery and I have decided to dedicate it to this green super hero.

The origin of this plant goes back to Italy where it has been cultivated since the 6th century spreading later in time to rest of Europe. It is nothing more than a genetically blessed cousin of the cauliflower and the Brussels sprouts.

The reasons why this food is praised are many:

  • High in protein: some people seem to believe they can only get their necessary protein in animal sources but actually some of the best protein can be sourced in plats. Brocoli for example gives you around 3gr of protein for every 100gr of product, with a very low carbohydrate content it is a pretty good balance. To this, you must add..
  • The high fiber content. This is what together with all the above makes this a winning combination for weight management purposes and general nutritional top quality.
  • Low calorie, just a little nice to have to add to the above list. (35 cals/100gr)
  • Anti-cancer properties: well, I am not a big fan of assuming miraculous properties to any food, wonderful as this might be, however, I do believe that the most powerful tools to fight disease, are given to us by nature. Even as a prophylactic broccoli has proven that contains diindolylmethane and selenium, which boost the immune system.
  • It also contains glucoraphanin, which can be processed into an anti-cancer compound called sulforaphane however, this properties are greatly lost when boiled. Eat better raw in juices of steamed/microwaved.
  • Vitamin C there is quite a lot of it in broccoli! Only 100gr will provide you with all the daily recommended intake and it comes with almost all the vitamin K and a nice cocktail of some others.

Well I all these facts have not convinced you, keep an eye on the blog tomorrow for some yummy ways or getting healthier!

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